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Fun, smart, and surprisingly emotional, this is a novel about time-travel, though the main character asserts that this, his self-proclaimed memoir, is really about the idea that “there’s no such thing as the life you’re supposed to have.” Tom lived in a 2016 in which Kurt Vonnegut was a respected philosopher and flying cars were commonplace, until he used his father’s time-machine to go back in time and accidentally wrecked the future/past. He returns to the 2016 we have now…which seems like a dystopia in contrast to the world of peace and endless clean energy he came from. All Our Wrong Todays begins playfully and rather whimsically, like a modern Vonnegut, but takes a more serious turn as Tom/John try to merge his parallel existences into one person—and he seems more like someone with multiple personalities disorder than a fumbling time-traveler. Highly engaging and page-turning. And oh, it is first and foremost a love story—funny, sweet, and occasionally heartbreaking.

— From Maria's Picks


One of Wall Street Journal's Best of 2017

"Entertainingly mixes thrills and humor."--Entertainment Weekly

" An] amazing debut novel. . . . Dazzling and complex. . . . Fearlessly funny storytelling."--The Washington Post

"Instantly engaging. . . . A timeless, if mind-bending, story about the journeys we take, populated by friends, family, lovers, and others, that show us who we might be, could be--and maybe never should be--that eventually leads us to who we are."--USA Today

Elan Mastai's acclaimed debut novel is a story of friendship and family, of unexpected journeys and alternate paths, and of love in its multitude of forms.

It's 2016, and in Tom Barren's world, technology has solved all of humanity's problems--there's no war, no poverty, no under-ripe avocadoes. Unfortunately, Tom isn't happy. He's lost the girl of his dreams. And what do you do when you're heartbroken and have a time machine? Something stupid.

Finding himself stranded in a terrible alternate reality--which we immediately recognize as our 2016--Tom is desperate to fix his mistake and go home. Right up until the moment he discovers wonderfully unexpected versions of his family, his career, and the woman who may just be the love of his life.

Now Tom faces an impossible choice. Go back to his perfect but loveless life. Or stay in our messy reality with a soulmate by his side. His search for the answer takes him across continents and timelines in a quest to figure out, finally, who he really is and what his future--our future--is supposed to be.

Filled with humor and heart and packed with insight, intelligence, and mind-bending invention, All Our Wrong Todays is a powerful and moving story of life, loss, and love.

About the Author

Elan Mastai was born in Vancouver and lives in Toronto with his wife and children. He is an award-winning screenwriter. This is his first novel.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781101985137
ISBN-10: 1101985135
Publisher: Dutton Books
Publication Date: February 7th, 2017
Pages: 384
Language: English

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