You got questions? We've got answers! Please look below to see if your question is answered here; if not, don't hesitate to give us a call at (470)488-0330 or shoot us an e-mail at info@hillsandhamlets.com! 


Q: Why should I buy books from Hills & Hamlets instead of Amazon?

A: Thank you for asking! Buy your books from us because:

  1. It's more fun. In the age of frictionless one-click e-commerce, bookstores have to be about creating an exceptional experience. In a way, what we’re offering is an experience that tries to connect with people’s archetypal idea of what a charming little neighborhood bookshop is, and this is really an exercise in creative placemaking.
  2. You love your community. Do you want free exciting educational programming, school book fairs, curated books, and a beautiful bookish venue in your town? Buying your books from us supports all of our other diverse offerings. Buy from us because taking a date, reading to your kids, and having a lively discussion with a neighbor don't happen at Amazon. They happen at indie bookstores, like your own Hills & Hamlets Bookshop.  
  3. It benefits your city, your state, and your nation. Your dollars really go to work when you spend them where you live, and in return, you enjoy better roads, law enforcement, an educated young citizenry, and more. Part of the cost and the benefit of buying locally is that your locally-owned businesses pay their taxes on a state and local level, something Amazon doesn't do.
  4. You value small businesses. Support two fabulously attractive young people who have chosen to open a bookstore instead of making a lot of money. :)


Q: Will you stock my book or host my author event? 

A: Please read our stocking and author event policy


Q: Where do you find your rare and antiquarian inventory?

A: We source our rare and antiquarian books in a variety of ways, from entire collections to auctions to over the counter at our sister store, Underground Books in Carrollton. 


Q: Do you buy books?

A: Yes, we do! Please head over to our sister store's website, UndergroundBooks.Net, to read our purchase policy! We take pride in ethical buying practices and are active members in professional bookselling associations such as the American Booksellers Association, Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance, Independent Online Booksellers Association, and the Georgia Antiquarian Booksellers Association. 


Q: Can I touch this?

A: Yes! We believe books need to be touched. Some of our rare and antiquarian books are fragile and may have a sign near them to request that you ask for our assistance. Some general tips for safe book handling are: cradle the spine in one hand and use your other hand to open the book and leaf through the pages, sit down and cradle the book in your lap if necessary, and never open a book more than 90 degrees. Some books need a lesser degree of opening; when you feel resistance, stop there, and, if you'd like another set of hands, do ask! We're always happy to assist you in exploring a book!


Q: How do you price your rare and antiquarian books?

A: Pricing is an art we learn from years of experience and professional training and is influenced by many factors, including condition, scarcity of the title, provenance, and primacy of printing. Is it a first printing, signed, a limited edition? These qualities make the book more special and unique and impact the price. We also use subscription resources to see the price at which a comparable book has sold in the past. If you have a question about the price of a rare and antiquarian book, please ask and we'll be happy to explain. 


Q: Can I have a birthday party at Hills & Hamlets?

A: Yes! We love crafting unique experiences for birthdays and special events. Send us an e-mail at info@hillsandhamlets.com with the details, including a bit about the special person and their interests, the date, any special requests, and your price range, and we'd be more than honored to take part in a special day!


Q: Aren't indie bookstores dying out? 

A: A lot has been made of this in recent years. The doom and gloom coverage sensationalizing the death of print books and of bookstores has been overstated at best. There’s no question that e-books and e-commerce giants have been really hard on the industry, especially the big box bookstores, but independent booksellers have been adapting, and in 2015, more new bookstores opened than closed for the first time in years. The shop local movement and an increased recognition of the non-commercial community value of bookstores have been huge. We won’t go on at length, but there are a number of articles that have discussed it. You can read one here. Within the industry literature, professionals are buzzing with excitement about “the return of the indie bookstore.” In some ways, the big trends that have been so publicized as damaging to bookstores have hurt the big box stores more (such as Borders’ complete collapse), because big organizations often struggle with change and adaptation. Smaller indie bookstore operations have been able to creatively find ways to survive and even thrive. That said, our doors can't open without you! Please buy books from independent bookstores! <3 


Q: Your journals are made from vintage books. How could you do this to a book?

A: As our sister store Underground Books started to thrive and take off several years ago, we were getting overwhelmed with attractive older books in damaged, unsellable condition, broken and missing pages. It broke our heart to send these to the recycle bin or landfill, so we gradually started researching ways to give these books a new life. It turns out there is a huge culture of crafters upcycling damaged old books and paper into crafts. We pull interesting old books that are in unsellable condition and turn them into blank journals. Our upcycled journals support an important part of our mission: to nurture the next generation of book lovers and collectors. As we see it, our book crafts bring attention to the physical aspect of print books, allowing younger people to see them for more than their content or that which can be reproduced on a screen, but as art objects you can hold in your hands and enjoy in your home.



  1. If I find a book on your site, does that mean it's currently in stock at your store?
    • Not necessarily. If your order is time sensitive, please call us to confirm availability.
  2. I received a confirmation e-mail. Does this mean that my order is ready to be picked up or has been shipped?
    • No. This just means that we've received your order, you will be contacted when your order has shipped or is ready to be picked up.
  3. When will I get my book(s)?
    • For in stock orders we strive to ship them within 7 business day and delivery time depends on the method of shipping selected. For orders with out of stock items, we will provide an estimated date of shipment.
  4. What if I need to return something?
    • Please review our return policies and contact us with any further questions.
  5. What forms of payment do you accept?
    •  We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) and if you're picking up in store, you may pay in cash.
  6. How can I check the status of my order?
    • Log in, select 'My Account' and Orders' a list of all orders and their current status is provided.

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