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For Authors

Dear Author,

Thank you for contacting us about carrying your book. While we make an effort to evaluate every book submitted to us for consideration, please understand that we receive a substantial volume of requests and may not be able to personally respond to every one of them. We are proud to have a small shop, and our size neccessitates a serious consideration and careful curation of every single title we choose to carry. Even the largest bookstores cannot carry every published title. Each book must fit our store's philosophy and speak to the interests of the people we serve. Our reason for being is to satisfy and support the curiosity, intellectual life, and vibrancy of our community. Knowing our bookshop is the most important prerequisite to requesting the stocking of your book (it helps to be a customer!). 

For more helpful tips on how to get your book in bookstores, read this 10 Step Guide by the American Booksellers Association.

Stocking Your Book

Below are the steps we request you take in order to formally request that we stock your title, but we first request that you make the following considerations on our behalf:

  • The book should be professionally edited, proofed, formatted, designed, and should already be published.

  • The content should be a good fit for our store – both Underground Books and Hills & Hamlets Bookshop have carefully selected books intended to cultivate a certain atmosphere – so sending books in genres that we do not carry (bodice-ripper romances or hellfire & brimstone religious tracts, for example) will only waste your time and ours.

  • It should be priced reasonably and comparably to other similar titles and should have the title and author’s name on the spine.

  • Please note that we prefer not to stock CreateSpace published titles. 

If after considering the points above, you would like us to consider stocking your books, then please send or drop off a free (non-returnable) review copy of the book for us or our staff to consider. Be sure to include your contact information, the wholesale/retail price of the book, and whether the book is available for ordering through Baker & Taylor, Ingram, or other established bookstore wholesale distribution channels.

If the book is a self-published or a self-promoted small press title, we typically will only offer to carry them on a consignment basis. Any titles that sell, we will keep 40% and you will receive 60%, and we will settle up with you quarterly. If titles are not selling, we will request that you pick up any copies on hand. Any copies not picked up within a reasonable timeframe will be donated to local charities.

For books we do agree to stock, we request that you list our store name, website, and social media on the author’s website and social media pages.

Author Event Requests

Due to the large volume of event requests we receive and the extra time and expense involved, we unfortunately must reject the majority of event requests. If, in addition to stocking your book, you would like us to consider hosting an author event, please send answers to the following questions with the review copy of your book:

  1. What will you do to ensure the event is a success?

  2. How many friends, family, and fans can you personally expect to attend the event?

  3. What methods will you use to promote the event? Please be specific.

  4. At what other stores, libraries, or institutions in our region are you planning to have author events?


Thank you so much for sharing your work with us!

Josh Niesse & Megan Bell, Owners